Insights into my Website Development Process, The Series

Jésus Husbands
2 min readMay 21, 2023


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Introduction to Web Design Process Series

Hey everyone, I’m going to be trying something different with my next few blog articles. I will be starting a short series which covers how we (Melior) go about developing a website for a client. I want to share insight into the process we use within the company and hopefully there are some things that we do differently that you can learn from. In this series of blog articles, I will be giving you an insight into our web design process at Melior that we use when developing a new website for a client.

The series will be split into four blog articles, each focusing on a different stage of the process. The four stages are:

  1. The Kick Off, Discovery, Research and Audit Phase
  2. The Design Phase
  3. The Development Phase
  4. The Launch, Testing and Maintenance Phase

In the first article of the series, we will dive into the Kick Off, Discovery, Research and Audit Phase. This phase is all about understanding the client’s needs, goals, and audience. We will also look at any existing data and analytics to determine what improvements need to be made.

In the second article, we will focus on the Design Phase, where we will bring the client’s vision to life by creating wireframes, mockups, and a final design.

The third article will be all about the Development Phase, where we will turn the design into a functional website. The way we go about that changes depending on the requests of the client and although there are countless number of ways to approach creating a website for someone, there are a select few ways I go about creating a website which I will share during this phase.

Lastly, in the fourth article, we will go over the Launch, Testing, and Maintenance Phase. This phase includes testing the website, launching it, and monitoring its performance over time to ensure it continues to meet the client’s needs.

I hope you’re excited to learn more about the web design process through this series of blog articles. Stay tuned for the first article, coming soon!



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