The Only List of Website and Resources You Will Ever Need

Hey everyone this is a different article to what I would normally write. I always want to be transparent with my readers so I’m going to be frank it is a bit of self promotion and I understand if you don’t want to continue reading because of it. So I’ve decided to save you the trouble and put a link to this FREE resource that I’ve shared of over 400+ websites and resources that I’ve come across over the past few months while surfing the web. It contains resources for, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, no-coders, marketer, saas lovers, productivity hackers, finance enthusiast and so much more.

So here you go and like I said it’s totally FREE.

400+ Sites & Resource Library

If you have decided to stay and continue reading, thanks for staying!

I put this product up for free on Gumroad about a week ago and within that time is has amassed close to 100 downloads and is still growing. That’s from me doing close to no marketing for this product because like I said earlier its FREE. I put out a couple of post on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit to let people know its there and basically just left it.

Over the past few months this has become a hobby for me, finding, exploring and testing out products and resources that I’ve come across over the internet and just throwing it into my Notion database. Whether it be a productivity tool, no code tool, content creation tool etc. It’s been fun for me to have a play around with these tools and understand the potential of different spaces in the tech but more specifically the Saas (Software As A Service) landscape. Working in some of these industries it has really opened up my imagination again to not just what can be created from these tools but also how you can build a tech stack for different areas of your life. How can we truly take advantage of the technology we have to make our life easier which is what technology has always been invented to do.

Nowadays we are quick to see value as monetary gain but I’m beginning to understand that true value is the ability to use your time to do what you define as fun and happy moments.

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

With that said, doing this over the past few months has been fun for me. I’ve decided that I’m going to put some time into improving the product and growing the database. A few ideas I have at the moment are:

  • Continue to add sites and resources to the list.
  • A seperate view for each resource tag.
  • A recommendations view.
  • Add a monthly top 10 and maybe also send out an email with the top 10 list and a description of each resource.
  • A view for new additions.
  • A column for rating (Potentially voted for by the community).
  • A column for prices.
  • If the audience grows enough I might create a community for us to geek out on products and have fun testing them out and seeing how we can mix and match products to create cool stuff.

And I’m also open to any requests, questions, suggestions and comments on the product itself, improvements that I can make and maybe even building out a roadmap for the product if it gets big enough.

Here’s a link to the 400+ Sites and Resource Library if you would like to check it out. Thanks in advance for any downloads and feedback on the product!

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, Reddit or just leave me a comment on this article.



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