A Web Design Series: The Design Phase

Jésus Husbands
2 min readAug 17, 2023


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It’s time to continue our Web Design Process Series where I show you how to build a website that is a true representation of your brand and meets your specific goals.

Before you continue, be sure that you’ve read The Introduction and The Kick Off, Discovery & Audit Phase blogs.

But now, let’s talk about The Design Phase.

After reviewing all the data from the discovery & audit phase we use that information to create landing page options for the client. We then collect feedback on the landing page designs, and we prompt the client to select one of the options that we have provided. That chosen landing page is used as a reference point to design the rest of the pages for the website.

The next step in this phase would be to create low-fidelity designs of the entire website, which help us create the layout and structure of each page of the website.

After that stage, we go into high-fidelity designs where we bring the low-fidelity designs to life. We give them colour, we add typography, images, and more.

We really start to present the business or the clients’ goal — whatever they’re trying to achieve. Whether that is marketing their services or product, we try to achieve their goal in that stage.

Once the high-fidelity designs are complete, we collect feedback from the client and make the necessary adjustments. We speak about why exactly they’re requesting these changes so that we can understand what they’re trying to achieve.

Some questions we ask are:

- What exactly are you trying to achieve?

- What’s the benefit to the user?

- What’s the benefit to the business?

We need to make sure the website is moving in the right direction, the designs have met the goals of the company, and they have met the goals they’re required to meet.

We allow our clients 3 rounds of revisions of the high-fidelity design. These could be major or minor changes.

Once both ourselves and the client are satisfied with the designs, we move on to the next phase which is The Development Phase.

Stay tuned for the next post in the Web Design Process series!



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